Tory-Proof Your Health

With the proposed cuts to healthcare and the increasing privatisation of the NHS, we will all need to cut down our dependence on the services we take for granted.

So now is a great time to get in shape. BMI is a rubbish measurement, but it provides a good starting point for working out where you need to get to. If your BMI is above 30, you probably aren’t eating right or exercising enough. Start by simply being aware of your daily calorie intake. I found that I was able to lose weight by using workouts on YouTube. Choose what you want to do and how long you want to do it for and it’s free.

Cut down on your alcohol. Not only will that help with the BMI thing, it means you are less likely to end up in A & E. It may also increase your mental health and will be good for your bank balance. Socialise in places other than the pub.

Start growing your own food and making things from scratch. If TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) comes in, trade trumps your safety. Countries will no longer have the right to implement local safety standards or inspect incoming food supplies and individuals will lose the right to challenge food safety, animal or plant welfare. Pre-prepared food will be the best place for companies to sneak nasty stuff in, so unless you like your steak cloned and your fats trans, I’d head for the kitchen.

Practice mindfulness with your kids. Just before the election the Tories apparently noticed that they had been cutting mental health services for young people. They have added £1.25 million to the budget, which might just take us back to where we were before they took it all away. Of course, with the rising level of youth unemployment, the constant testing from the age of 4 and the perpetual shifts in examinations, more young people than ever will be in need of this support. Mindfulness is proven to help both treat and prevent mental illness.

Check the smoke detectors in your home. Conduct evacuation drills. The cuts to the Fire Brigade are already happening, so you should have a plan already. Avoid buying synthetic fabrics (especially nightclothes) for your kids.

Tory-Proof Your Health

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